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  • Tips for setting up your farm the right way from the start.

  • Financial systems and apps that allow you to track your business and know where you are making money.

  • Tools for in the greenhouse, field, and washing shed that last, increase your efficiency, and save you money.

  • Innovative apps for farming, weather tracking, and business management.

  • Automated systems so you can focus on the important tasks in your business.

  • Favorite watering tools, even a valve that has lasted 20,000 uses!

"This is amazing- where
was this toolkit when
I got started?"

Ray Tyler -

Rosecreek Farms

Every Fall, we run a Thriving Farmer Summit, where dozens of top leaders share their strategies to grow their farms and support their communities.

The Small Farm University

The actionable training you need to experience healthy growth and greater revenue

Small Farm University was created out of the need of our farmers for a continuous support system at an affordable price point. And with the success of hundreds of members, we’re excited to be helping to change our food system and impact our communities!

It’s about time you got a battle-tested ROADMAP for getting your small farm to maximum profitability… without the long hours and lost time.

The Proven System You Need to Become a Thriving Farmer

Training - Resources - Support - Community

Our Time Saving Tutorial Bundle

These tutorials help you save time, money, and frustration when doing common tasks on the farm…

These, along with many other trainings are available in our Small Farm University, but you can also purchase them as a bundle here.

Our Signature Courses

The Lettuce

The lettuce Masterclass is Your exact step-by-step blueprint to Plan, Grow, & Sell lettuce YEAR-ROUND. It is taught by Ray Tyler, an expert farmer from hot, humid Tennessee.

Farmers Market
Success System

Grow Your Farmers’ Market Sales and Cultivate more Customers with A Proven,  4-part System. You’ll learn to sell with confidence and develop a brand that attracts!