10 Winter Growing Secrets we Wish we Knew When we Started
Want to grow beauiful, productive crops consistantly all winter but your results so far haven't been quite what you hoped for? Looking to streamline your current winter production systems for greater efficiency and profit? 

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In This Ebook, You'll Learn:
  •  The simple but counterituative principle that trips up most beginning growers
  •  What shape and size of tunnels are the best for winter production
  •  How to prepare beds so they are weed-free and get beautiful lush stands of crops
  •  What to do about pests like aphids, voles, and slugs
  •  How to fast-track your research to fine-tune your production for your micro-climate
  •  How to pack in more crops for higher yields and profits!
  •  Pro tips that will instantly give you a leg up over the competition.
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